A couple of years ago, some genius at University of Toronto decided to redesign the downtown campus. He put bricks in the road to indicate walkways.

The trouble was these walkways were a little vague.

“Great,” said the pedestrians, “a cross walk!”

“What cross walk?” said the drivers as they…

Brands are dedicated to a purpose. They buzz with meaning. They communicate trust.

I wonder if it isn’t time for them to act like a studio.

A Hollywood studio.

This would be a good way for the brand to speak to culture, to connect to consumers, to matter to the…

Curatorial ability. You have it. And up until til now, you just gave it away.

We are all culture curators one way or another. We are passionate about graphic novels, hip hop, noir films, craft beer, computer games, folk arts, or this thing called American culture or those people called…

Note to the reader: This essay was written in the spring of 2019. It produced an incendiary response in some readers and I had doubts about it in any case. So I stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago I was doing a…

Grant McCracken

I'm an anthropologist & author of Chief Culture Officer. You can reach me at grant27@gmail.com.

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