The Brand as a Hollywood Studio

Brands are dedicated to a purpose. They buzz with meaning. They communicate trust.

I wonder if it isn’t time for them to act like a studio.

A Hollywood studio.

This would be a good way for the brand to speak to culture, to connect to consumers, to matter to the moment.

The brand as studio can stage culture, produce culture, engage cultural creators and curators. And the brand that produces culture is now a part of culture.

Here are some reasons the brand as studio is now possible

- we have seen popular culture get better

- this has pulled in a newly engaged consumer

- these consumers study culture until they make it there own

- the line between media consumer and creators is blurring

- culture creators are getting better at story telling (Fanfic)

- they are devoting more of their private and public life to performance

- they are devoting more of their time on line to performance (TikTok)

- film schools continue to turn out wave after wave of talent

It’s just sitting there. An ocean of talent waiting.

Is anyone organizing this talent, enabling it, funding it? I don’t think so. (Wattpad is the closest.) Most of these people are working all on their own. They would drew inspiration and sometimes even genius from the chance to work with others. And they would revere the brands that made this possible.

This is what a studio does. It finds the best people, assembles them into good combos, attaches them to compelling properties, and supplies the capital necessary to sustain a fragile project until it’s ready to launch.

Would this be good for the brand? Um, yes. Being a studio would make the brand vibrate with the meanings that matter. It would make the brand a river through which the new rapids of creativity run.

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